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Published on August 30th, 2011


AKA Tommy Chong

AKA Tommy Chong documentary is an intriguing case at the comedian’s legal problems during the early 2000s. On the peak of public attention towards the Bush administration, the US government execute an entrapment operation then eventually arrested and imprisoned Tommy Chong on the grounds that he marketed bongs on the web. Director Josh Gilbert chronicles Chong’s journey to prison in which he was jailed for 9 months and started documenting the drug case versus his close friend.

This film assesses the personal impact on Tommy, the motives as well as methods of the Justice Department during Bush leadership, set up as a backdrop for his War on Drugs as well as the legal issues associated. The film show how the case of United States versus Thomas B. Kin Chong, AKA Tommy Chong, under US District Court, is bound to go down in historical records as a pathetic chapter of America’s innate fascism.

The documentary opened at the Toronto Film Festival which received large press along with critical recognition, and even shown up at a number of other film festivals. It was released theatrically on Film Forum located on New York City then gone on to a flourishing art house theatrical launch all over North America.

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