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Published on July 4th, 2011


An Inconvenient Truth

Is global warming real? In 2006, an environmental science documentary film called “An Inconvenient Truth” came out. The film was directed by Davis Guggenheim and written by former United States Vice President Al Gore. An Inconvenient Truth clearly summarizes the evidence of global warming causes by the abuse that humanity have done on our precious planet. Being an effective speaker, Al Gore inform us about global warming effects with a strong passion that started from his childhood years. The slides on the presentation along with other visuals are very well done and simple to comprehend. The stunning animation provide more impact to the important message.

According to Al Gore, it’s a big misconception that there are considerable disagreement in the scientific community about global warming. He points out 900 scientific reports associated to climate change and none of them questioned its existence. Gore stands before a graph exhibiting most of the major proof of the global warming. Mr. Gore also showed a surprisingly amusing sense of humor that wasn’t often seen when he was a Vice President.

Usually, a documentary film having a politician speaking about an important issue he or she truly cares for wouldn’t be that grab people’s attention, especially when the majority of the film includes a Power Point presentation. But, Mr. Gore is not a typical politician, and the issue about our planet’s safety are certainly not too.

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    If something happens ONLY because of US!!!

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