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Published on July 23rd, 2011


BBC Panorama: Scientology and Me

Scientology and Me is a BBC documentary broadcasted at their Panorama programme. Journalist John Sweeney travel to United States to examine the viral buzz about Church of Scientology in which increasingly gaining attention. The show acquired certain controversy prior to and during documenting the film because of the conflicting differences on the subject matter and the course of action between production team of Mr. Sweeney and members of Scientology, who do not need detractors or enemies of the religious organization to get an interviewed.

Throughout the filming of this Scientology documentary, the the members of the church followed the production team’s every footstep, even waiting around for them at their hotel at midnight at some point. Angry Scientologist including American actor John Travolta, point out that the programme needs to be cast off mainly because not only Mr Sweeney presentation was one-sided, he loses his temper and shouted at a their high ranking member.

The Church of Scientology is among the new religious organization highly marked by controversy that became famous in the twentieth century. The religion is often been referred to as a cult that monetarily screwed and abuses its followers or members, asking for extravagant fees for its spiritual products and services.

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2 Responses to BBC Panorama: Scientology and Me

  1. Barry says:

    The meaning of "Cult" in the Oxford Dictionary is "a relatively small group of people, having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members". Appears to me that Scientology suits this definition pretty well.Scientology was made for the primary objective of creating wealth. Hubbard isn't insane tho, he just thought of creating a new religion to make money and evade being taxed. The insane people are his delusional believers.

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  2. Jazee says:

    I think that Scientology is a safe place for psychologically unstable individuals. This is the main reason they strongly opposed psychiatry.

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