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Published on January 15th, 2012


Curiosity: Why Is Sex Fun?

Why is Sex Fun ? hosted by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Orgasm – one of the most intense pleasures we can experience. But what are orgasms actually for? In men, the answer’s simple – reproduction. But women don’t need an orgasm to get pregnant. So why have them? With cutting edge science and research.

Normal sexuality for the approximately 4,300 species of mammals in the world, of which we are one people. Thus, for most species, both males and females live a solitary life just running through the act of breeding. Males provide no parental care then nor give any sign of recognition of certain followers of his chicken with exclusive dedication over other puppies in the pack or herd. In general, the sociable species of mammals, intercourse takes place in public, to other members of the group in fertile female during mating by a majority group. Finally, in most populations of wild mammals is not clearly established the existence of menopause as a regular phenomenon, most wild mammals are still fertile at death.

In comparison, human sexual behavior is different:
• In human societies women and men end up in a relationship lasting that other members of society consider a contract with mutual obligations.
• The two partners have sex often and often, if not exclusively, to each other.
• In addition to being a sexual relation, marriage is a partnership to increase the share of children resulting from it.
• In spite of living in a couple, a husband and wife do not live in isolation, but in the midst of a society made up of other couples that have economic relations with that share access to a common territory.
• Married partners make love in private, and concealed ovulation in women is not only to potential sexual partners but even for most women. Thus, a woman’s sexual responsiveness extends beyond this period and most mating takes place in bad moments of conception.

Consequently, human intercourse is maintained for the sake of getting more pleasure than to insemination.
All characteristics of human sexuality: long-term relationships, sharing parental care, sex in private, concealed ovulation, extended female receptivity, sex for pleasure and menopausal women – is what we consider a normal sexuala.Suntem amused or disgusted to read about the habits sex of the elephants, rats, orangutans, whose lives seem at least strange, but in terms of the other 4,300 species of mammals in the world, says Diamond, we are the weirdos.
First, the biological, human sexual activity seems to be an enormous waste of energy. Why do not women ovulate clear signals, as most other female animals, so we restrict sex to moments when we can serve something really good, procreation of offspring?

Answer “that human sex is fun” unfortunately does not satisfy scientists: there are other animals feel pleasure: marsupial mice, which seem to be much better fun than us if we take during a sexual act (up to 12 hours), dogs and many other animals, who feel pleasure only when the female can be fertilized – a fact recognized as a natural consequence of natural selection. Since we humans are an exception to the concealed ovulation, continuous receptivity and sex for pleasure, this most likely, says the author, it is because we evolved. The key to understanding human sexuality lies in recognizing that it is a question of evolutionary biology.

The first scientific speculation to explain this evolution is that different helpless status of children after birth triggers the need for parental care more complex and long periods of time. Remain helpless human baby after birth, at least in the first 10 years being able to make its own food, so to survive. Even in our time is difficult for a single mother to raise a child, but was more difficult in prehistoric times: so she had to develop solutions to make him the man to stay by her side to assist in increasing child: the solution was to remain sexually receptive of and after ovulation, so making love whenever he wants cock not to leave to seek other sexual partners and to share her daily ration of game. Thus, it was determined that sex is a pleasure for us because it was developed by the fact that women have concealed ovulation and are always responsive.

Sexual pleasure is among the most prized, most meaningful and richest experiences known to man. But the orgasm is a true scientific puzzle. In men, it helps expel sperm. But in women, its role is unknown. Some feel it’s just a “bonus” but others think that it may help play a role in conception. Maggie Gyllenhaal hosts this revealing investigation — a true scientific first.

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