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Published on November 2nd, 2012


EgoMania – Narcissist

An ego is an inevitable aspect of our human lives. A strong and passionate ego is the fundamental tool that a successful individual must have in their arsenal. What is normally the case when an ego goes overboard? At what particular instance can someone be regarded as an egomaniac? How does someone gauge and know how to handle the other? Can the highest point of an ego be determined? These are some of the questions that linger like drum bells in people’s mind when they are trying to seek answers and solutions behind persons termed as narcissists or ego maniacs.

The narcissist is a term derived from the mythical story of a boy, Narcissism, who pounded on his own reflection as a symbol of destructive self love. This condition is often associated with Ego and NPD disorder. These are the things that define the personality of people in the society and the relations with other people.

In the world of businesses is where you get to find huge Egos enshrined in self made millionaires and billionaires. It is in this industry that you will experience a mass spectrum of Ego that is capable of unimaginable things. Often in work places, you hear every day of people being bullied by others all due to Ego. These people are termed as a narcissist and will depict mostly three characteristics among the nine that define narcissistic people. Among the characteristics that are displayed by these people in most cases include; arrogance, grandiosity and preoccupation with success and power. These kinds of people are unable to feel the pain of others and they are predators of the weak and the vulnerable people who are their prey.

Perhaps there are extreme cases of narcissistic people who display up to seven characteristics associated with this condition. Cult leaders are described as that kind of people who possess all the seven characteristics. The most common among them is the admiration of others and following of ideologies of those under them with no questions. These people lack the feeling of remorse, regret and never admit their fault anywhere they go wrong. An example of this is David Burgs who was a cult leader and a perfect example of a person bearing seven characteristics of a narcissistic personality.

The question that baffled many people was; what kind of individual will have all the nine characteristics of a narcissistic personality? On 6th September 2004 bodies of Brian Blackwell senior and his wife Jacky Blackwell were discovered in their house badly bitten. The suspect was their son Brian Blackwell junior who was diagnosed with all the 9 characteristics behind a narcissistic person. These include:

  • Grandiosity
  • Arrogance and domineering
  • Preoccupation with success and power
  • Lack of empathy
  • The belief of being unique
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Exploiting others
  • Envying of others

These characteristics make the person irreproachable and this explains the murder in the Blackwell’s case. People suffering from this condition create false self personality and collect all sorts of narcissistic supply which drives them to have uncontrollable rage for murder when they are confronted.

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