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Published on September 24th, 2012


History of the World in Two Hours

History of the World in Two Hours is a funky recap of what’s been going on since the Big Bang. By the end of the movie you feel like everything you need to know about history. Skipping on everything trivial but focusing on: creation of complex elements; continental drift; fire; human migration; industrialization. There is also the most important part — how they all fit together.

14 billion years ago from a small particle (recently called “God particle”) was born the universe. Follow this documentary. Compressed into two hours, billions of years, leading to human birth and achievements today.

“If we reduce the 14 billion years to 14 years, human history, as humans, would mean … just 3 seconds. Both have lived us before. During this time I transformed face of the planet, the better, or bad. Only the future can tell … ” Stephen Hawking

We’re going to show you the whole story from the Big Bang to the present day. How the planet prepared for the rise of man. How the Stone Age led to the steam engine. How the first seeds sprouted into cities and civilizations. Everything is connected, and the path leads to you. It took history 13.7 billion years to unfold.

The story that really began 14 billion years ago, with a tiny universe where everything was all in one place.
Then the Big Bang, all the energy that has ever existed created in an instant. Gravity sculpted our universe.
For billions of years, stars and supernovas created all the elements we would eventually need.
Then, an extreme Earth took shape and settled into just the right conditions to support life.

As the planet evolved life competed for energy and grew more and more complex. Eventually, the conditions were right for our species to rise. We mastered stone and fire.
When the ice age came, we spread around the planet.
And when the ice melted, we were stranded on different continents. We learned to bend plants and animals to our will. We built cities, then civilizations. We created a vast network
that linked empires, joined continents, then crossed oceans.

Just when it seemed we had reached our human limit, we found the energy and technology to carry us into the future.
On Earth, the seeds of the past have bloomed into a present filled with energy and creativity. The stories of billions of lives have played out against the backdrop of a universe almost too vast to comprehend.

ln everything that we do, in all that we are, we remain living monuments to the past, to make history every day.

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