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Published on November 24th, 2012


Multiple Personality Disorder Documentary

A separate functioning personality is normally a challenge for any person who has developed this disorder. This separate personality can be responsible for many deeds that may be harmful to other people and also to the person. The multiple personality disorder is a form of defense mechanism that the mind employs in order to deal with the matters which have had a massive blow to their emotional life. Having to create the perfect case scenario that will assure the mind of security is what is aimed at when a person shifts from one personality to another.

A multiple personality disorder makes someone struggle to maintain their life on the right track by trying to go around events and milestones in their life. It is normally triggered by a hurtful situation that happened during the childhood years of the person and the mind then rushes to the rescue trying to repress those memories. The distress that a person may be liable to feel causes them to develop a personality that is emotionally stronger to deal with the issue. This is the utmost reason as to why anything that may happen to trigger the past instantly causes the sufferer to switch personalities and get to that place of comfort where they are able to insulate their mind and feelings from reality.

A multiple personality is normally characterized as one that hides some information and details which may have caused anguish. The split personality thus attempts to take care of the person when they develop a panic attack which is normally what causes the emergence of the other split personality. A multiple personality is often there to make the person have a false sense of being safe and away from any danger that they may have thought was in line to destroy them. Different sights and sounds have been known to trigger some defense response by the personalities especially if the person had experienced abuse before.

Split personalities are also developed when someone wishes to revoke their own self and do something which in their usual self is impossible. The split personality comes in stronger and more capable and therefore reproaches the original self. Suitability to perform the tasks at hand may well cause the change in personality and this can be a worrying trend especially for the individuals in a job situation.

A psychiatric hospital is the ultimate solution for the problem of a multiple personality disorder. The psychiatrists are better positioned to help a person manage the issue and solve the problem from the core so as to ensure that everything gets back to normal and the attacks from the different personalities ceases. They can help a person deal with post traumatic stress which will be the first step in healing and getting to accept that they have to move on and get their life on the fast lane. The mind is known to bury secrets that are unbearable but with the right guidance, the mind can learn to heal itself and return to full functional capacity.

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