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Published on January 29th, 2012


Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Journey back to the rich and fantastic world of Ancient Egypt – a world where animals could magically jump out of a hieroglyph and change the meaning of your writing.

Where giant pyramids were a gateway to the afterlife. Where a king’s ransom could buy an elaborate 70-day process that would guarantee the eternal preservation of your corpse.

The world’s greatest Egyptologists and the latest computer technology bring this extraordinary world to life. We’ll unlock the secrets of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, decipher long-secret hieroglyphs and explore the glittering sepulcher of the legendary Tutankhamun.

We’ll even get an inside look at the recently discovered KV-5, believed to be the family tomb of Ramses the Great.

The documentary takes an interesting look at mummies by describing the culture and its world view that made mummification important.

The film takes a look at the process of mummification first, then the burial situations, the monuments inspired by their views on life and death, and the language of hieroglyphics.

There is a section on Tutankhamen’s tomb as well as a bit of information on KV 5, the suspected burial tomb for Ramses II’s sons.(More details at Amazon.com)

Watch History Channel: Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt

(playlist – 2 hours, 48 minutes)Turn off the lights

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