History Facts of Queen Cleopatra VII Death

Published on September 12th, 2011


Secrets of Egypt: Cleopatra

Secrets of Egypt: Cleopatra explores the life, death and facts about Cleopatra VII. This documentary examine who was this Egyptian queen and the last pharaoh of Egypt. Portrayed all through history, film and drama as being the woman of Julius Caesar and eventually the dear wife of Mark Antony. She was the daughter of former king of Egypt, Ptolemy XI Auletes. Regardless of insufficient physical proof of her rule, the film able to put together the timeline and history of her reign throughout the dying times of Ancient Egypt.

Cleopatra VII was just 18 years of age at the time she became queen, still she was capable of ward off Roman fascination of invading Egypt more than 20 years. She had been the result of a 300 years Greek empire of rulers created by the general of Alexander the Great , Ptolemy. The Ptolemy dynasty introduced a noticeably Greek influence to their rule, while keeping the Egyptian culture as well as religion. According to the ancient sources, specially the Roman people, the death of Cleopatra was a suicide. She let an Egyptian cobra bite her.

Even today, Cleopatra continues to be a well known figure throughout Western society. Her legacy was shown in several works of art along with the countless dramatizations of her tale within books and movies. In every depictions, Cleopatra was presented as the great beauty of ancient time who had successfully conquered the ancient Egypt’s most powerful men which taken an evidence of her beauty and sexual charm. Channel Five did a remarkable job presenting some facts and legend of the only Queen of the Nile.

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2 Responses to Secrets of Egypt: Cleopatra

  1. Jaques says:

    Many scholars claim that Cleopatra was black, if so, then everybody that study her history must be told so, along with all her other accomplishments.

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  2. Jblenny says:

    Cleopatra was praised as a goddess by millions of egyptians. She ran a nation that before her rule was divided and in huge debt. And she passed her 1st recorded legislation at a young age of 17.

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