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Published on October 14th, 2012


Super Natural Science: Secrets of Levitation

In Eastern religions, a significant difference between gods and humans was that gods first possessed the gift of flight. Perhaps humans who desired to resemble those who they worshiped made possible hundreds of years ago a mysterious phenomenon – levitation.

Although, without any explanation, many mortals possessed it, over time a variety of unique art techniques of levitation emerged. Brahmans, yogis, hermits, magicians and Fakir has impressed the audience with their skills, defying gravity and broke many rules of physics.

The cradle of levitation

Indian Vedas present a real levitation manual for initiates, but centuries elapsed from their writing have cast a veil of mystery over several keywords, becoming difficult to translate today. Levitation secrets remain undisclosed for most of us.

Despite the fact that history has recorded many cases of people who managed to overcome the human condition subjected to the laws of nature, levitation episodes still seem like science fiction or a magic trick.

In the past, those who practiced levitation could reach up to about 90 inches on the ground, just because this position facilitates contact with divinity. This practice was strictly a religious sense, it was never used to create a show.

The first evidence of the practice of levitation appear in India and Tibet, around 527 BC. Zen Buddhism is said founder, Bodhidharma, he visited a Tibetan monastery of Shaolin to teach them how to use their energy for levitation. This practice were ascribed to both Buddha and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the Beatles guru), who claim that they can stay up in the air for several hours.

The use of levitation is not lost among the monks of Asia and shared secrets are known in closed circles.

Cases of levitation in Europe

Although Europeans are spiritual masters, there was no such concept for the techniques needed lift in the air, it simply had one thing in common with those living on the other side of the world: most cases of levitation in Europe where people involved in one way or another in religious service, many of whom were canonized after death.

The first evidence of this talk about who would be Saint Teresa, a Carmelite nun who was convinced that she possesses a divine gift, describing the sensation as a sudden coming, and then returning to normal, she felt floating on a cloud or carried by a giant bird. After completing levitation, she felt incredible as if the physical body is no longer there. One such episode took place under the gaze of 250 priests, amazed to see Mother Teresa rising from the ground.

One of the most famous “flying” Europeans Joseph Desa, canonized after his death four years under the name of Saint Joseph of Cupertino. Pious from childhood, he joined the Order of St. Francis, where he started for the first time to levitate in ecstasy. News about his unusual capacity spread quickly. Pope Urban VIII wanted to see the miracle. Learning that he was invited to an audience with the Pope, he entered a state of extreme levitation, audiences intervention was needed to bring him out of the trance.

Some initiates in the art of levitation tried to use their abilities to knock down certain records. This is the case Englishman Maurice Wilson, who started practicing yoga for several years and tries to levitate, finally, to climb Mount Everest in great leaps. A year later a frozen body was found on the mountain, very close to what was to be fulfillment of his dream.

Levitation against science

Even though not everyone is capable of such practices, levitation has now become an art spread, its mysteries are taught by masters and initiates. The success rate is quite high, especially among those who practice yoga.

However, science does not have a clear explanation for the unusual phenomenon of human flight. Levitation cases still are considered exceptions, wearing generic name of miracles or mysterious phenomena that contradicts physical laws.
Some researchers believe that levitation is the result of interaction between bio-gravitational energy field radiated by the human brain. Alexander Dubrov, PhD in biology people who can actually levitate believes that they create a bio-gravitational field which gives the possibility to control the direction of flight. Another explanation impossible to verify, at least for now, is that people who can levitate are able to use certain parts of the brain, parts of which is still unknown to scientists.

Although science is still trying to explain levitation, the direction towards which researchers focus is on a long study field that stubbornly remains a mystery: the power of the human mind.

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