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Published on February 26th, 2012


Super Smart Animals

For centuries, the idea of intelligent animals struck most people as ridiculous. But not any more – the latest science reveals that animals are a lot smarter than we thought.

From skateboarding dogs to chimp maths geniuses, Liz Bonnin embarks on a worldwide search for the planet’s most intelligent animals, devising some ingenious IQ puzzles and even putting herself to the test to find out.

Liz gets creative with dolphins, shares a eureka moment with orangutans and defends the reputation of the human race when she goes head to head with a chimp genius in a test of maths and memory. There is an octopus escapologist, John Humphrys puts a goldfish through its paces on Mastermind, and Tillman the skateboarding dog wows crowds in Los Angeles.

Liz meets grey whales with emotions much like our own, unravels how the Caribbean’s cleverest monkeys outwit their human neighbors, and even has a conversation with the world’s cleverest chimp – with some surprising consequences.

Explore how Seattle’s crows can hold grudges for years, discover that the cleverest dogs can learn over 1,000 words, and find out why Asian elephants can spend hours looking at themselves in giant mirrors.

Then there is meerkat school, eye-poking capuchin armies, and even a new version of Einstein’s infamous equation written by a sheepdog. Prepare to be amazed, entertained, and even outwitted by the world’s Super Smart Animals.

Watch BBC – Super Smart Animals (playlist 2 hours) Turn off the lights

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One Response to Super Smart Animals

  1. E. Fregetty says:

    This documentary should be viewed perhaps by kindergarten children as an early learning tool of how to gain an understanding early on that animals are intelligent. It may also appeal to those that still go to zoos and point at animals believing that humans are the superior being. If you have known all along that animals are exceptionally intelligent, have emotions and can teach us a thing or two, then you may be as disappointed as I was.

    The delivery of the narrator came across as if she had just discovered how smart animals are for the very first time, which may be the case, as she seemed perpetually amazed, despite being a scientist. It does show that scientists (some) still feel the need to prod and poke animals as if they are on earth to prove to them otherwise.

    Watching animals in their natural habit, non performing is a much better way to see animals in all their glory. Try The Frozen Planet for a start off.

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