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Published on September 14th, 2011


Super Volcano: Yellowstone

Supervolcano is a docu-movie about a story of an imminent super-eruption underneath Yellowstone National Park found in Wyoming that can bury 80% of the U.S. with clouds of hazardous dust and also transform the whole world towards a disastrous volcanic winter for a long time. The National Park is consist of rivers, lakes, mountain ranges and canyons. The Yellowstone Lake is located at the center of Yellowstone Caldera, the biggest super volcano found on the continent.

BBC have truly produced a drama-documentary that is breathtaking with superb drama. From the starting scenes as the viewer see the peaceful park with its magnificence, the warnings, and after that, the super eruption commences. The real geology of the location does present such huge coatings of lava flows which come from one eruption. The initial blast of the volcano was enough to create a frightening scene. The unfortunate loss of the 2 vulcanologist who died from the pyroclastic flow. The woman in command in FEMA was excellent too, her responses of the terror at the scope of the volcanic eruption felt so believable.

The impact of the eruption of Yellowstone super volcano in the United States where life-like and terrifying to look at. Massive fatality, hundreds and hundreds of miles coated with think ashes. FEMA looked powerless when confronted with a natural disaster as big as a Yellowstone super eruption. Mankind is not yet ready with something so enormous like this. A worldwide climate change brought on by the massive eruption could have truly made this film complete.

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Report broken video [ Video Runtime: 1 hour, 56 minutes ] Image credit to armageddononline.org

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2 Responses to Super Volcano: Yellowstone

  1. Perry says:

    Consider this. Before 1990 nobody knew any information about supervolcanos. You will find more than 40 hotspot locations across the world; Yellowstone is just one of them. There exists one beneath Naples, Italy, also one found in Hawaii, Long Valley of California and 4 others found in Africa.

    If one of them really occurring on land would most likely damage worldwide civilization. It could possibly wipe out millions, as it does in this docu-movie. But its not likely to wipe out all human civilization.

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    • Irish says:

      Yes, I agree. Most definetely…

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