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Published on November 19th, 2011


Taboo – Prostitution

National Geographic’s Taboo takes you on a journey beyond the comfort zones and across cultural borders to explore rituals and customs that are acceptable in some cultures, but forbidden, illegal or, reviled in others. Understand seemingly bizarre and shocking practices from around the world.

Taboo – Prostitution
It’s been called the world oldest profession, yet it’s always been taboo. Around the world the sex industry, presents alot of faces, to the deadly sidewalks in the US, from the stylish brothels in Australia, to Europe where the disabled pay for sex and where men are video-taped in the futuristic cyber brothel. Step into the world of sex for sale.
In the developing world, many young girls are sold into sex slavery and face a lifetime of disease and destitution. Meet Maya, one of roughly 2,000 prostitutes in a Bangladeshi sex slum who service passing truckers for around $4 an hour.

Strictly related to prostitution is exploitation, or pimping, practiced by people who described themselves as “protectors”. There are other figures related to prostitution, for which you can set in place effective operation, favoring offense.

Regulated prostitution is legal in world wide and varied, from capital punishment to full legalization.

Prostitution is an illegal phenomenon in many countries and is a highly debated social issue. It is very common in street prostitution, which offers its services on the street, waiting for prospective customers and use attractive outfits. Sexual performance is usually consumed in customer car or a hotel room. Street prostitutes are ironically called “street workers”.
Generally focuses street offer in well-defined areas such as streets or suburbs heavily frequented. In some countries there are areas specifically dedicated to prostitution, the so-called “red light districts”.
In other countries prostitution is practiced in dedicated places called brothels or houses exclusively to this activity.

Although it seems to be reduced to a sexual exchange between a service and a corresponding payment today prostitution is condemned in many ways. It is considered evil because:

  1. Reflects paternalistic relations in a society where women’s role remains related to satisfaction or the “needs” of males.
  2. Appears as a possibility of gaining an environment where economic survival is dramatic especially for women (poverty rate is considerably higher among women than among men).
  3. Continue and strengthen women’s subjugation and degradation.

Forced prostitution is known as trafficking women, sex trade, human trafficking, pimping. Terms naming this reality not only realize how it is done, but also how it fits legal.

It’s called prostitution because of sexual exercise that earns money. It’s called a Forced prostitution if those people, usually female, are seized and forced prostitution through violence to have sex. The notion of traffic indicates that, in most cases, female people leave home and are forced into prostitution in another country. It’s a sex trade because women are treated as a commodity enjoyed by traffickers. Trafficking of women for forced prostitution in which people are forced to provide labor for the benefit of “buyers”. It is a “modern” slavery which includes sexual slavery.

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