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Published on July 19th, 2012


The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Hitman

Richard Kuklinski, a hired gun known as “The Iceman”. He is serving a life sentence for over 100 murders. Freely admits murder in cold blood, but one question remains unanswered: Why?

This sort of `biography’ describes some of the murders committed by notorious hitman Richard Kuklisnski, who presumebly killed over 100 people. This documentary, inculdes interviews with Kuklinski himself, ilustrates all the murders as they happened. These killings are told by Kuklinski, who gives his personal perspective and feelings on what he did. I was drown in by the description of this, I asked myself `How could someone kill over 100 people?’ , I did not hear anything about Richard Kuklinski, and had no idea as to who he was before I watched this documentary. I expected this guy to be a lunatic that was unable to dedifferentiate between fiction and reality . I was expecting him to look like a freak. But, the documentary started. The scary part in a sense about this man was that he didn’t look like a freak, or a monster. Like most criminals, he looked completely normal on the outside, the last person you’d expect to commit a murder.

In July 2002, Dr. Park Deeds, World-renowned psychiatrist and FBI consultant, visited Kuklinski looked enter in the twisted mind of criminal.
In the course of four days, the Dr. Deeds spent 14 hours with him, trying to penetrate the psyche this ruthless murderer.

The documentary starts up with the interview with Kuklinski, where he tells us that if he’s angry at you, he’ll kill you, and that you’ll never escape from him unless you shot him or killed him. He also stated that `If you didn’t kill me, you’re stupid.’ Most of the interviews, Kuklinksi gives us all the facts without hesitatiting. He states at one point that he has nothing to lose. I assume that this is why he is so cooperative.

– Did you think of yourself as an assassin?
– Assassin … Sounds so exotic … I was just a murderer – Richard Kuklinski

Kuklinksi tells us how each murder was executed, how he did it, and why he did it. Obviously his motivation was money – he was a contract killer. I strongly believe that he loved doing what he did. At one point, Kuklinksi even sates that he killed someone with a crossbow just because he wanted to test the weapon out. That kill wasn’t a case of money, or a personal vendetta, he just wanted to `test out his weapon.’

Kuklinksi does not hold anything back. He revealed all of his crimes in grim detail, and he did not show any remorse. He reveals the interviewer the full stories of his murders as if he was giving some normal tips on life. Many times, Kuklinksi would even joke when he was asked if he ever felt remorse for killing someone. He has this freakish, weird evil to him, where you question yourslef: ‘How could someone look at a human life the way he does?’ You wonder how can Kuklinksi look at a life and point out that it is meaningless and useless. He considers human lives as trash, trash that he can dispose of and not feel sorry about it. This documentary has some silly moments where they try and recreate the crimes. When they try to recreate the crimes themselves, it just turns out to be silly. None the less, this documentary is one of the best TV documentaries I have seen. Graphic-wise, and not for the easily offended, it is intriguing.

Another fact about our murderer, Richard Kuklinksi, is that he is unique. Jeffrey Dahmer felt that he had to apologize for what he did, when I know damn well that he did not care about the lives that he took. Still, Dahmer wasted his breath and tried to act remorseless. But, Kuklinksi, he just does not care. He does not not feel the need to account people that he was sorry, since he simply was not. Kuklinksi has nothing left to lose, so he tells why he killed people, and how he felt when he killed people. Obviously, confinement is not much of a punishment for Kuklinksi, he does not seem to be miserable. He deserved the death penalty.

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