Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011

Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country honors the bravery of the Democratic Voice of Burma, a group involving underground journalists who endangered their own lives to document the uproar against the junta that took place in 2007. Put together primarily from video clips shot by the unknown reporters themselves, together with a scene-setting reconstructions included. An award-winning documentary by Danish Anders Ostergaard which tracks how the information get out at the time of Burma’s civil uprising.

Narrated by a frightened Burmese native named “Joshua,” a key figure from the group who’s viewed mainly in shadow in order to safeguard his privacy. The regime broke down the demonstration, along with fatalities, massive arrests as well as disappearances. Yet the underground journalists played an important role in attracting international awareness by delivering video footage to popular networks like CNN and BBC.

The film comes to an end without having a clear hope, but provided the nation a voice.

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